687 is a contemporary sports lounge on deck 4 in the District on the Disney Dream.  During the day the whole family can enjoy games and activities in a comfortable setting.  After 9 pm the bar is adults only and transforms to a  hideaway for adults searching for games and activities for the grown ups where you also can enjoy a glass of beer, wine or cocktails.

687 is a modern interpretation of a traditional lounge with a friendly and inviting atmosphere with rich details as warm wood tints, metal ceiling and leather coating.  It’s a place where guests can relax at the end of the day.  Equipped with several flatscreen lcd tvs and a big plasmascreen with digital surround sound, 687 is the perfect destination for watching some live sports and other big events broadcasted via satellite, or just a lovely place for a game night amongst friends thanks to the classic playtables and board games available in the lounge.

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is a bar in the Lobby Atrium of the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, the perfect place for a drink before dinner.  It’s in Art Deco style and serves beer, wine and cocktails.

Cove Bar

The Cover Bar actually is a part of the Cove Café on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.  The last one is on the inside near the swimming pool, the Quiet Cove.  The bar actually is in the swimming pool itself.  You can sit with your feet in the water enjoying a cocktail or a beer.

Cove Café

Cove Café is on deck 11 on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy and just like on the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder it’s near the adult pool and adults only.  Enter your comfort zone here with Danish pastries, coffee and expresso, but also a Bloody Mary and different brands of cognac are on the list.

Cove Café Cove Café

All drinks are extra and not included in your cruise fare.  The pastries are.  You can also borrow magazines and books here or watch the news and sports on a big plasmascreen tv.  Both on the inside and outside on deck there are some chairs.


Currents is an outdoor bar on deck 13 with a fascinating view on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.  It’s very sunny there and so perfect to enjoy a drink on the bar or to take that with you to your chair.  You can also have some snacks there.

District Lounge

District Lounge is on deck 4 on the Disney Dream.  This bar has a cosy, modern design and has a relaxing atmosphere with the comfortable, round chairs. It’s the perfect place for adult to kick off the night before exploring the other locations in the District.  A special characteristic of the District Lounge is the halogen lighting overhead which gives a warm atmosphere and the ceiling is a dome which gives a soft glow that changes in color and intensity during the night.  Every night there’s live piano music and a singer.


Evolution, on deck 4 in the District on the Disney Dream, is a trendy dance club and the most import location for adult entertainment.  This club plays current hits and classics.  During the day you can find dancing lessons, bingo and other activities as crafts in Evolution.  At night Evolution is directed to adults with dancing, games, karaoke and a full bar with cocktails.

Evolution is inspired by one of the most beautiful winged creatures which nature has to offer.  It’s an artistic interpretation of the transformation of a butterfly: dynamic, unique and vivid. With its almost out of this world atmosphere of organic forms, color and lighting, Evolution gives you the feeling to be in a cocoon.  The pattern on the wall is inspired by the wings of a monarch butterfly and the whirling path of the light on the ceiling symbolizes flying butterflies.

In Evolution you can find different types of entertainment during the day and at night it’s the most important hangout for adult entertainment like theme parties, cabaret and comedy acts.

La Piazza

La Piazza is an adults only lounge in Europa (the collection of all bars and clubs on the Disney Fantasy) inspired by the pittoresque Italian cities and decorative plazas.  The bar is a caroussel, there are Venetian masks and there also is an authentic Italian Vespo with sidecar.


Meridian is an adults only lounge on deck 12 on the Disney Dream and Fantasy, where guests can have a drink before or after dinner.  You can also visit the adjacent cigar bar on deck.  The name Meridian originates from the fact that the bar is located between Palo and Remy.  The interior itself is a tribute to travelling around the world.  Inspired by the early days of travelling at sea, the room is equipped with a sextant (a navigation aid) built in the floor, while leather maps printed with passport stamps from all over the world decorate the walls.  Meridian also has a terrific view over the ocean.

There also is a dress code in the bar.  Before 6 pm jeans and shorts are accepted, but after that you are asked to wear dressed up pants and shirt or jacket for men and a dress or pantsuit for women.  Swimwear or tank tops are never allowed.

O’Gills Pub

O’Gills Pub is an adults only Irish pub in Europa on the Disney Fantasy.  The dark wood and other accents results in the authentic atmosphere of a pub like this.  It’s filled with big flatscreen tvs so you can follow different types of sports games.

Ooh La La

Ooh La La is an adults only lounge and cocktail bar in Europa on the Disney Fantasy.  It’s totally French inspired with Louis XIV style chairs, a bar like a juwel box with diamond facets, Victorian furniture, velvet walls and a lot of mirrors.


Pink is a chic cocktail bar on deck 4 in the District on the Disney Dream.  Inspired by the best Champagne from France, the whole bar lets the guests feel like they are immersed in a bottle of pink bubbles. Designed in French Art Nouveau, a style characterized by fluent bows, you can see glass bubbles with lights on the walls to create an effect of bubbling champagne.  The luminous wall shows the drips of condensation you also see on the champagne bottles in different shades of pink.  The glass lights in the bar remind of champagne glasses.  The bar stools look like they are made of sparkling crystals and the detail on the front of the bar makes you think of the wire of champagne cork.

Elegantly designed in luxe velours, marble and wood, Pink is in intimate area with cosy corners who can serve as an ideal romantic setting.  Enjoy the creative atmosphere if you end the night with a magnificent champagne toast in this enchanted cocktail bar.


Skyline is beautiful cocktail bar on deck 4 on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.  This constantly changing location celebrates some of the most famous cities on earth.  Big “windows” give the guests an impressive view on the skyline of some of the most beautiful cities on earth like you’re on top of a panoramic view.  The chic bar is designed with idea of a “metropolitan sky bar meets deluxe penthouse”, complete with digital open fire.  Warm wood and a shiny metal finishing result in a nice scenery for the 7 big lcd screens with the skylines, a kind of “window at the world”, not only showing a different city each day, but also magically tranforming from day to night.  Each night a cocktail inspired by the shown city will be served.

The Tube

The Tube is a trendy adult only nightclub in Europa on the Disney Fantasy.  During the day there sometimes are activities for families.  At night you can dance on the Union Jack dancefloor preceded by games or a quiz.  The Tube is inspired by contemporary London with his typical phone booths, seats with prints of metro tickets, cocktails with names like Big Ben and several London metro stations.

Vista Café

Vista Café is a café/bar on deck 4, Midship, on the Disney Dream and Fantasy that serves drinks and snacks during the day.  It’s the perfect place for guests to enjoy a coffee and a cake in the morning or a cocktail before or after dinner or a live show in the evening.  The café is in Art Deco style and also is a wifi hotspot.  Next to it you find Shutters, the store where you can have a look at your pictures.


Waves is a casual open-air bar on deck 12 on the Disney Dream with a beautiful sight where guests can relax with a refreshing drink.  It’s a long bar with warm wood tints mixed with a cool nautic touch and smartly designed bar stools what results in the ideal atmosphere for guests to lay back and enjoy eachother’s company.

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