Restaurants on the Disney Dream & Fantasy

The Disney Dream and Fantasy have 6 restaurants, 4 news ones compared to the Disney Magic and Wonder and 2 restyled ones.  Royal Palace / Royal Court, Enchanted Garden, Cabanas and Remy are new. In Animator’s Palate, Royal Palace / Royal Court and Enchanted Garden you dine anyway (the rotation sequence is chosen earlier). You can visit Cabanas anytime you want, for Remy and Palo reservation is mandatory.

Animator’s Palate

Animator’s Palate already existed on the Disney Magic and Wonder, but for the new ships it got a new twist.  You still are in an animation studio, but you don’t start anymore in black and white to end in color.  You enter the animation studio with character figures, paintbrushes and crayon, in color.  Throughout the whole restaurant you see sketches of Finding Nemo.

While you’re eating, the restaurants starts its transformation.  The artwork in the restaurant gets filled with bubbles, where a world under the sea comes to life.  It seems like you’re moved to a place under the sea where you can have a look at a coral reef with all his inhabitants.

Then it becomes really special.  Crush appears and swims around the restaurant (on the screens) interacting with the people.  Crush will visit every section of the restaurant and ask if you like it on board and respond to questions about life under the sea.  Also other characters from Finding Nemo (Nemo, Dory, Squirt, Bruce, …) will swim around and visit guests.  There also is grand finale, but you’ll have to wait for the live experience on board to know that…

All things before count for both ships (Dream & Fantasy). The Disney Fantasy does longer cruises and so there are two show dinners in Animator’s Palate.  The same one as on the Disney Dream on the one side and something unique where you can draw your own character on the other side.  You create that drawing right before dinner.  All those drawings are picked up and scanned.  Later that night you’ll see all those drawings on the big screens dancing on the music that plays.  You get your drawing back afterwards with a nice stamp on it.


Remy is a new adult only restaurant.  For the people knowing Victoria & Albert’s at Walt Disneyworld kent: it’s about the same at sea. As the name already suggests the restaurants is inspired by the movie Ratatouille. Remy serves French gourmet cuisine with a breathtaking view on the ocean.  The restaurant is in Art Nouveau style, a wink to the movie with pictures from Paris against the walls.  Remy is also hidden between all the design in a subtle way.  It is equipped with table linen from Frette, Riedel glasses and Christofle cutlery.

The menu is put together by two chefs who earned two stars for their restaurants: Arnaud Lallement (from Reims, France) and Scott Hunnel from Victoria & Albert’s. They put together a French inspired meny with superior products and seasonal ingredients from all over the world.  You can choose between menus from 7 to 9 courses from 1 chef or a combination of the two.  Remy is more expensive than Palo.  Palo is $20, Remy $75.  There also is a (probably more expensive) option; a table for 16 people from where you can have a look in the kitchen and where you get an exclusive menu with matching wines.  You can make reservations for Remy before your cruise starts.  How many days before the start depends on your Castaway Club member level.

Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden is totally new on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.  The interior is inspired by the gardens of Versailles, with a fountain in the middel.  The special about this restaurant is that it changes from day to night during dinner.  It looks like you’re in kind of verandah with daylight and this slowly changes to night.

Royal Palace / Royal Court

Royal Palace (Disney Dream) and Royal Court (Disney Fantasy) are inspired by movies like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.  The restaurant is very elegantly and luxuriously designed with a marble floor, red tapestry and a big chandelier with glass slippers and roses.  On the walls you find handpainted portraits of Disney princes and princesses like Aurora, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White.

There also is a marble hall with a royal shield with a pumpkin coach, glass slipper, rose and tiara, and back of the chairs decorated with golden emblems and portholes covered with a tiara to add to the magic.  You’re in the middle of a classic Disney fairytale where the biggest part of the restaurant is modeled after one.  The floor map in a circle, pilars and iron fence are for instance exact replicas from the ballroom scene from Cinderella.


Cabanas on the Disney Dream and Fantasy is an indoor / outdoor casual dining restaurant on deck 11, Aft, which serves different types of food. For breakfast and lunch Cabanas serves the best made to order dining; around dinner Cabanas is converted to an elegant table service restaurant as alternative for dining in one of the main dining rooms like Royal Palace or Animator’s Palate.

In a California beach theme, Cabanas gives the feeling of a promenade along the Pacific coast with a bit of Disney magic. The restaurant has a charming look, tables like shells and Adirondack chairs, palm trees en sunshades, decorative surfboards and flyers, and floors who look like an ocean blue carpet caused by the wooden paneling and sand.  You can see a 30 meter long mosaic from an underwater scene from the Disney • Pixar animation film Finding Nemo on the wall, together with a decorative piece of art with the 5 Disney castles.

Dining in Cabanas is unique dining experience.  During breakfast and lunch guests are invited to stroll along the promenade, which hosts different stations with each different types of food, each designed to look as a cabana with colorful sunshades.  Like a high end food court all stations serve everything from sushi and pasta to great desserts. During dinner Cabanas is converted to a table service restaurant where the main courses are prepared in the open kitchen after your order.  Cocktails and specialty drinks can be ordered at the Clam Bar.


Palo is a restaurant on all 4 Disney ships with a Northern Italian cuisine.  You have a beautiful view over the ocean in an Italian inspired setting with Venetian masks and gondolas and paintings with Italian sceneries.  There also is a bar with a backlight and a pianist creating the nice atmosphere.

Palo is adult only.  Like for Remy, you have to pay extra to dine at Palo ($20), except for Platinum Castaway Club members.  They can dine there once for free per cruise.  Palo is open during normal dining times (and so replaces your dinner at the other restaurant you had to be that night).  You can also brunch there on sea days.

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