Alaska (Archive)

In 2012 the Disney Wonder also cruised to Alaska, but from Seattle. Beside that there were also two one-off repositioning cruises, from Seattle to Vancouver and vice versa. The ports stayed about the same. You can see the route for 2012 here:

Monday: Seattle, Washington
Tuesday: Sea
Wednesday: Tracy Arm, Alaska
Thursday: Skagway, Alaska
Friday: Juneau, Alaska
Saturday: Ketchikan, Alaska
Sunday: Victoria, Canada
Monday: Seattle, Washington

In 2014 the Disney Wonder did a one-off 9 day cruise to Sitka :

Alaska 9 nachten 24 May: Vancouver, Canada
25 May: Sea
26 May: Sea
27 May: Sitka, Alaska
28 May: Tracy Arm, Alaska
29 May: Skagway, Alaska
30 May: Juneau, Alaska
31 May: Ketchikan, Alaska
1 June: Sea
2 June: Vancouver, Canada

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