Civitavecchia, Italië

Civitavecchia is a city 70 km North of Rome, in the Italian province Rome.  Civitavecchia is the 4th biggest city for inhabitants from the Lazio region.  Its mostly important for its harbour.  From there ships leave for Sardinia, Sicily, Barcelona, Tunisia and the French Toulon.

It’s as good as sure the city was founded by the Estruscans.  The Romans mentioned the city for the first time in the 103, when emperor Trajanus ordered to create the port of the city.  The name of the city was Centrumcellae in those days, where you can find ruins of the Roman baths (Terme di Traiano). In the year 828 the city was conquered by the Saracens.  They renamed the city Civitasvetula, from which the current name originates.

The most important monument in the historical center is the gigantic castle Forte Michelangelo near the port. In the Palazzo della Guarigione (from the 17th century) you can find the Museo Nazionale Archeologico. The beaches in the North of city, close the provincial border Rome/Viterbo, are important for the tourism.  Those wide sand beaches belong to the quiet part of the Costa Laziale.


Things to see and do

  • Rome
  • Italian countryside (Tarquinia)
  • Drive a Ferrari

You can find more pictures here.

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