Olbia, Sardinia, Italy

Olbia is a city in the Italian autonomous region Sardinia. Together with Tempio Pausania it’s the capital of the Olbia-Tempio. Olbia is the 4th biggest city of Sardinia for inhabitants. The current city is modern, but from Greek, probably Punic origin. It’s one of the most important ports of Sardinia. The distance from the island to the Italian mainland is at his smallest here: 185 km. The most import ferry from Olbia is the one to Civitavecchia. The airport of Olbia-Costa Smeralda lies about 3 km from the city.

Close to Olbia there are two interesting historical places. The nuraghe complex of Cabu Abbas and the holy well Sa Testa.

Things to see:

  • Church “San Simplicio”
  • Church “San Paolo Apostolo”
  • Nuraghe Cabu Abbas

(source: wikipedia.org)

You can find more pictures here.

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