Talinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. The city lies on the Gulf of Finland, opposite the much younger Helsinki.

Most visitors come to Tallinn for the Old Town (Vanalinn). The Hanseatic League has determined history and appearance of Tallinn very specificly: the city has many merchant houses and warehouses from this time. The town is completely walled, and the city wall has many picturesque towers. As in some Dutch cities the towers and gates there have nicknames: one of the defense towers is called Kiek in Kök (Look in the kitchen, in the Low German, the language of the Hanseatic League). Then there are the tower Long Herman (Pikk Hermann) and port Fat Margaret (Paks Margareeta).

The old town consists of two parts: the Cathedral Hill (Toompea), where the nobility and the clergy lived, and the lower town. These parts are separated by a wall and connected by two streets: the Short Leg and Long Leg.

Things to see

On the Dom mountain:

  • Citadel and the castle
  • Dom church
  • Estonian museum of art
  • Russian orthodox Alexander Nevsky cathedral
  • From the top of the Dom mountain you have a nice view over the city and the sea

In the city:

  • Several gates and towers of the city wall
  • Buildings of several gilds
  • Church of the Holy Spirit
  • City hall at City Hall Square (Raekoja plats)
  • St. Nicholas church (Niguliste)
  • St. Olaf church (Oleviste)
  • Streets like Pikk (Long Street) and Lai have a lot of old merchant houses.

(source: wikipedia.org)

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