Cadiz, Spain

Cádiz is a port in the south west of Spain.  It’s in Andalusia in the Gulf of Cádiz. It’s one of the Andalusian ports which aren’t in the Mediterranean Sea, northwest of the Pillars of Hercules.  The sheltered harbor is an import and export port and also acts as fishing and passenger port (ferry to the Canary Islands). The industry includes shipbuilding and repair (one of the largest shipyards in Spain) but also machinery and aircraft industry. There is a military airport. Cádiz lies at the end of a narrow ness and is surrounded by water on three sides; a 1400 m long road bridge connects the city via the shortest route to the mainland side. There’s also a connection to San Fernando in the south. The most important buildings are the neoclassical cathedral (1722-1838; with museum) and the Filippo-Neri church with pieces of Murillo.

The city currently has a huge mobility problem. There is a main access road for cars, coming from the east, to the city. There are voices in the future to build a large bridge over the Bay of Cádiz to the northwest of Rota.

Things to see

  • Harbour
  • New cathedral
  • Defenses
  • Archeological museum
  • Theater Gran Teatro, Manuel de Falla
  • Roman theater

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