Cherbourg, France

Cherbourg-Octeville is a city in Normandy in the northwest of France. It arose after the city of Cherbourg merged with the town Octeville on February 28 2000. The inhabitants of Octeville voted in a referendum at the end of 1999 for the merge; five other towns who would be involved in the merge voted against it.

It’s a port with exit on the Channel.  Most of the ferry services are owned by Brittany Ferries to Poole and Portsmouth. The port of Cherbourg is also a military French marine base. The closest airport is Cherbourg Maupertus (IATA code: CER, IACO code: LFRC) in Maupertus-sur-Mer.

Cherbourg was in 1912 the first port of call of the RMS Titanic after leaving Southampton (England).

Things to see

  • La Glacerie race track.
  • Cité de la Mer: museum about scientific and historical aspects of maritime subjects.
  • Cherbourg Basilica
  • Jardin botanique de la Roche Fauconnière, a botanical garden.
  • Le Trident theatre
  • Musée des beaux-arts Thomas Henry.


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