Vigo, Spain

Vigo is the biggest city of the autonomous region Galicia and of the province of Pontevedra. It’s not capital of Galicia (that’s Santiago de Compostela) and neither the one of the province (that’s Pontevedra).

Vigo is dependent on the automobile industry; the most important factory is one of the Peugeot-Citroën group. This one produced 473000 cars in 2003. 88% of these were exported. Vigo is also the biggest fishing harbour of Europe and the base of the Spanish fish producer Pescanova, the biggest in the world. Since July 15 2008 the CFCA is there.

Except a fishing harbour Vigo also is a harbour for roro transport, with a connection to Vlissingen-Oost.

Things to see

  • Casco Vello, historical centre
  • Co-cathedral of Santa Maria de Vigo (1816–1836)
  • Puerta del Sol area
  • Principe Street
  • Roman church of Santa Maria de Castelos (12th century)
  • Santiago de Bembrive church (12th century)
  • San Salvador de Coruxo church (12th century)


  • Naturnova Museum: Museum about the environment.  Interactive.
  • Museum of the Sea: Museum of the sea and over canned food and navy. Important building designed by Aldo Rossi and Cesar Portela.
  • Museum of contemporary art.
  • Museum of Castrelos


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