Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco de Juárez is a city on the beach in the state of Guerrero in Mexico. Acapulco has 643.800 inhabitants, the agglomeration has more than a million (2004).

Acapulco lies on the Pacific Ocean. It’s the most important Pacific port in Mexico and after Cancún the most important beach place of the country.  The name Acapulco originates from the Nahuatl and means “place with a lot of thatch”. Juárez points to president Benito Juárez.

The city was founded in 1528 as homeport for ships going to Asia.  Between 1565 and 1810 the galleon Manilla travelled back and forth from Acapulco to the Philippines. In 1615 the fortress of Acapulco was destroyed by the Dutchmean; two years later it was rebuilt.  In 1776 and 1909 the city was hit by earthquakes.

President Miguel Alemán has done alot after the end of his term (1952) to develop Acapulco as a beach place.  It became very popular as beach place, mostly in the USA.  The negative point here is that not much was done for the poor population.  A big part of the people in Acapulco are really poor, but not many tourists noticed that, the hotels were built in a way that not one window had a view on the slums and they took care of it that the tourists didn’t need to go to the poor neighbourhoods to shop.

The last few years Acapulco is caught by drug traffic and the related violence as it lies on an important transit route for drugs out of South America.


Things to see and do

  • Aca Mini Jeep Rhino Adventure
  • Ancient Petroglyphs of Palma Sola
  • Cliff Divers
  • Dolphin Swim
  • El Morro Beach
  • Fairmont Princess
  • Fort of San Diego
  • Hotel “Los Flamingos”
  • La Roqueta Island
  • Mayan Palace
  • Mexicaanse folk or dance groups
  • Plaza del Navegante
  • Shotover Jet Adventure
  • Zocalo where you find the Our Lady of Solitude cathedral in the Traditional Zone


A small selection of shops you can find in Acapulco:

  • B&B Collection: Kabana and Sphia Fiori Jewelry
  • B&B Marketplace: Extravangt Jewelry
  • Little B&B: A Colorful Treasure Trunk
  • P&P Jewelers: House of Fine Jewelry
  • The Little Princess Jewelry
  • Little Margarita Jewelry
  • Fine Bonita Jewelry

You can find more pictures of Acapulco here.

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