Aruba is and island nation in the Caribbean Sea, belonging to the kingdom of the Netherlands.  It belongs to the ABC islands of the Lesser Antilles.  Aruba has 101,541 (2008) inhabitants and is 180 km² big. The island is quite dry with only little of the tropical vegetation otherwise so usual in the Caribbean.

Things to see and do

  • Aloe-fabriek
  • Ayo Rock Formation
  • Atilla, a German freighter sunken by an explosion
  • Arikok National Park
  • ATV Adventure
  • Baby Bridge
  • Balashi Gold Mine
  • Barrier Reef
  • Blue Parrot-fish Water Park
  • Butterfly nursery
  • California Lighthouse
  • Casibari Rock Formations
  • De Palm Island
  • Divi-divi trees
  • Jeep Adventure
  • Kayak Adventure
  • Manguel Halto Beach
  • Natural Bridge
  • Natural Pool
  • Oranjestad (Arubas capital)
  • Scuba Diving
  • Semisubmarine adventure
  • Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge
  • Snorkling
  • Submarine Expedition to see a sunken airplane, the Danish sailboat Mi Dushi I and the coaster The Morgenster
  • Yamanota Hill


Like most island in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Aruba has a whole series of shops mostly for tourists, all duty free.

  • Diamond International
  • Tanzanite International
  • Del Sol: Everything in this store is black and white when buying it, but colors in the sun.
  • Effy Jewelers
  • Diamonds International Watch & Design
  • Little Holland: Linen (tableclothes, …) and porcelain (Delfts blue, Lleadro, Hummel)
  • Colombian Emeralds International
  • Shiva’s Gold & Gems
  • Kay’s Fine Jewelry
  • Jewelers Warehouse
  • Vibes: Delfts blue, Cubanse cigars and gifts
  • Artistic Fine Jewelry
  • Kings Jewelry
  • Furla Boutique
  • Sun Specs Sunglass Boutique
  • Rams Bijoux
  • La Casa del Habano
  • Swatch Kiosk

You can find more picture of Aruba here.

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