Cabaret shows

On Disney ships there are always different artists (stand up comedians, singers, jugglers, magicians, …) on board who perform in one or more shows.  Most of the time this is a show in the Walt Disney Theatre (at the same time as the Disney shows like Disney Dreams) and after that one ore more shows in e.g. Rockin’ Bar D, from which some of them are adult only.  This is a selection from the artists who have been on board:

Danny Buckler

Danny started his career as magician in Harrods.  He was invited quite fast to give private shows to people like Liam Gallagher, Bruce Willis and the sultan of Bruneï and then started to perform in the stand up circuit. On TV he appeared in the Saturday night specials of Secret of Magic on BBC1 and he was the support act for Dead Ringers, Dinnerladies and others. He also performed for the British troops in Bosnia, Belfast and the Falkland Islands.  Furthermore he’s interested in horror movies from the 30s and kung-fu.

David Morgan

David grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana. In Summer he played with his nephew, Mike Simmons, in MontgDavid Morganomery, Louisiana. On a night he saw his nephew entertaining a group of kids by talking like a duck.  Het discovered he also could imitate the sound of a duck.  Only when he was 35 his dream to be a comedian came true.  He bought a puppet like a duck for $20 and brought it with him to the restaurant where he worked to use it when he sang “Happy birthday” for a guest.  A guest asked him the name of his puppet.  The boss of the restaurant was called Chuck by everyone and the first David could think of when he got that question, was Chucky. A duo was born.  His big breakthrough was in 1986 when he was asked to perform in a new comedy club in the Le Bossier Hotel in LA. For a year and 8 months they kept performing there in Jodie’s Comedy Club. After that David decided to quit his job and to travel around the USA to perform.  Later he also performed on cruise ships. (

Heath Hyche

Heath Hyche was born in Birmingham, Alabama and now lives in LA. He got interested in acting at school when he played the school’s mascot.  While studying at the Auburn University he won the award for most funny person on the campus.  Since then Heath performed as stand up comedian in the Birmingham Comedy Club and stayed performing afterwards.Heath Hyche

He was discovered during a gig in the Comedy Store in LA.  His first role on television was in Roseanne’s Saturday Night Special. He also appeared in Two Guys and A Girl, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and These Old Broads, with Shirley MacLaine, Joan Collins, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Jonathan Silverman. He also frequently appeared in Style and Substance, with Jean Smart and Nancy McKeon. He also played in Blue Collar TV for two seasons next to Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall. He played in movies like Man on the Moon and The Odd Couple II.

Heath now only perfroms as a stand up comedian around LA. He calls himself a video game junkie and Star Wars geek. (

Jeff Civilico

Jeff is the youngest of three children and so always tried to attract attention.  He got passionated by juggling when he saw a juggler in Jeff Civilico Harvard Square when he was seven.  He stayed practicing and when he was fifteen he won the International Jugglers’ Association competition in the junior category.

Now he combines juggling with his athletic skills likes riding a unicycle in a comical show while reacting to the people in the audience which also participates on stage with him. (source)

Joey Fatone & Alphonso Ribeiro

Joey FatoneJoey Fatone is an American singer, actor and frequently appears on TV.  He was part of the boysband ‘N Sync, played in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and is the host of the American and Australian version of The Singing Bee. He was second in the 4th season of Dancing With the Stars and was on board the Disney Magic on the first cruise on the Mediterranean with his dance partner. ( Ribeiro

Alphonso Ribeiro is an American singer, actor and dancer.  He played in the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the tv series Silver Spoons. He also presented the game show Catch 21 on GSN. He danced in different clips of e.g. Michael Jackson, Will Smith and Fergie. In 2006 he won Celebrity Duets on Fox. (

They performed together on the Panama Canal cruise from Port Canaveral to LA in 2008.

John Charles

John CharlesJohn Charles already performed in the USA, Canada and Europe.  He produced and hosted almost every opening of a Disney Resort.  He also performed for about 500 companies like AT&T, IBM, Kodak, Time Warner and Coca-Cola.

No two shows of John are the same.  He always starts with a song and then improvises depending on the reactions of the audience who can request songs that he gives his own interpretation.  John’s musical memory is fenomenal.  Only with his guitar, piano and voice he can entertain any audience. (

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson is ventriloquist, born in Colorado. While he trained to become a ventriloquist, he just got fascinated by parrots that could talk so clearly without the use of lips.  You don’t have to be surprised his two best friends on stage are bird puppets, Clyde and Mathilda, a buzzard and a cockatoo.   Kevin Johnson He first performed right before the show of his grandfather, a magician.  Later on a tribute to his grandfather grew in his own show, a human puppet with name Harley.  When he graduated, he started a show as ventriloquist in the San Diego Zoo.  Later he also performed in Legoland California and in the Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido, California next to magician Anthony the Magic. Now he’s performing in Busch Gardens Tampa. He also is the only one who won the ‘Best Male Performer’ award from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) twice. In 2006 he ended up in the semi finals of the NBC show America’s Got Talent. (

Michael HarrisonMichael Harrison

Michael Harrison is a comedian, ventriloquist and puppeteer. He participated in different acts like the Muppets and Boys To Men. He already performed on different cruise lines. Disney Cruise Line already booked him 8 years in a row for more than 1500 performances.  Michael partly wrote and played in the “Kids in the Firehall” TV show. This year he got even more famous by his appearance in “America’s Got Talent”, where he ended up in the semi finals. In his shows he brings a tennis ball and racket to life, he talks with a snake and also invites children from the audience who serve as living puppet. (

Los Caporales Festival FolkloricoLos Caporales

Mariachi Los Caporales is Mexican folkloristic group that performed on the Disney Magic on the Panama Canal cruise in 2008 while docked in Acapulco. It’s a quite big group of dancers and musicians that demonstrates a series of dances and tries to take you with them in the Mexican atmosphere. (

Mike Super

Mike SuperMike Super is a magician, member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. He has been passionated and obsessed by magic since he was six years old.

He won somewhat all possible awards that he can win in the USA including the most prestigious of CA Magazine.  He has its own style including interaction with the audience. He really became famous when appeared in the NBC show Phenomenon where he was elected unanimously as the winner. (

Mark EddieMark Eddie

Mark Eddie presents himself as ‘Comedy that Rocks’. He combines stand up comedy with rock songs.  Those rock songs frequently are parodies on existing songs, like song by Al Green, Neil Diamond, Dave Mathews and lots of others. He lives in Los Angeles and frequently he was headliner on Improv, The Ice House and de Comedy and Magic Club. Five times he was ‘Campus Entertainer of the Year‘. Mark also was the voice of commercials for Nickelodeon, Nic at Nite, Kangaroos Outback Café, Toys R Us, Ford Motor Company and lots of others. (

Phil Keller

Phil KellerPhil Keller got obsessed by magic when he was 13, when he started studying at the ‘Académie de Magie’ at the Olympia in Paris. Like everyone he started with manipulating cigarettes, coins and balls.  He started with real performances at the Tigerpalast in Frankfurt. He travelled around the world for 18 years performing on cruise ships, in theaters and tv shows.  Phil also worked at Disneyland Paris to add magical effect to their shows like the flying carpet of Aladdin, magic movements of the Little Mermaid and the flying of Mary Poppins. In the interactive parade he cut Jasmine in two and he let disappear two other characters.  For the fifth anniversary of Disneyland Paris he let appear a Mickey statue as a surprise of Roy Disney.  Meanwhile Rebecca entered his show as extra performer. (

Rich Purpura

Rich PurpuraRich Purpura was born in Chicago and is call a “high energy performer”. He uses magic involving the audience by asking for “assistents”.  His motto is “No seat in the theatre is safe”.  He’s already performing for more than 20 years in comedy clubs, for companies and on cruise ships. Highlights in his career are his performance “The world greatest magic show” at the Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, at the Comedy Store in London and at the Palace Station in Las Vegas. (source)

Ricky KalmonRicky Kalmon

Ricky has a bachelor degree in science at the university of Missouri. He is a certified hypnotherapist since 1993 and member of the International Association of Counselors and Theropists. He is the star of the popular tv show Seeing Star on TV Guide Channel in the USA. Each episode he meets people in the street of Los Angeles and hypnotizes them so they think they are tv stars. The volunteers think they are stars from their favourite shows, Paris Hilton shopping for shoes or even the next American Idol. (

Scott Record

Scott Record is singer, comedian and impressionist. He grew up in New EnglaScott Recordnd. He played in several regional companies like the Boston Children’s Theater. He played music in the Boston Pops Orchestra and with different jazz, rock and show bands around New England. In 1978 he moved to New York, where he first worked at a disco right in front of Dangerfield’s, named after the famous comedian. On a Monday night he also tried his chance.  Rodney DangerField loved him immediately and took him with as support act for three years. Since then Scott worked with a number of famous artists like Tom Jones, Faith Hill, Celine Dion, Cher and Julio Iglesias. He performed in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City. Scott also often records voice overs in famous cartoons.  So he was responsbile for the cry of Tarzan. (

Yo Yo People

The Yo Yo People consists of the couple John and Rebecca. John was born in Anchorage, Alaska. He got an old yo yo from his grandfather from which he learned some basic trics.  As teenager he performed at the Denver Busker Festival and later for the American troops in Turkey, Italy and Spain.  Different yo yo competitions brought him to Malaysia, Yo Yo People Canada, Singapore and Japan. In 2000, at the age of 25 and home in Denver, Colorado, he met his current wife, Rebecca, while she performed at a local yo yo club.  Rebecca grew up on a diet of Saturday Night Live in Yarmouth, Maine. When she was a child she did different sports, but never played with yo yos or hulahoops. When she finished school she moved to Denver, Colorada where she started working in a store selling games, costumes and -sometimes- yo yos.  They moved to Boston in 2001 and Rebecca was integrated in the show.  They married in 2005 in between a bunch of shows in five different countries. (

Paul Zerdin

Paul ZerdinHe started his career as magician when he was 15.  For the next five years he performed throughout the UK in the club and holiday camp circuit, where he slowly introduced his stand up comedy and ventriloquism. When he was 20 he had his first own tv show as the presenter of the children’s program Rise and Shine on GMTV. A couple of years later he won The Big Big Talent Show and he appeared frequently in shows like the Royal Variety show, Tonight at the London Palladium, Shirley Bassey’s 60th Birthday Special, BBC1’s Generation Game, Late Night With Jerry Springer, Open House with Gloria Hunniford, Today with Des and Mel and Undercover Magic. He also made commercials for Kellogs, Persil and Honda and he entertained the British troups in Iraq and Afghanistan. (

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