Disney ships, identical or not?

The ships are two on two identical (Magic/Wonder, Dream/Fantasy), with differences in the detail.  They were the first cruise ships designed for families with entertainment for children, parents and other adults.  Cruises remind most people of elderly people who want to spend their money there or of rich couples who’s children don’t travel with them anymore or already left the house and really want to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Not true on board Disney Cruise Line.  There’s entertainment for everyone, from new borns to people a century old.  So there are split bathrooms in each stateroom (even the small ones) and pagers by which the parents can always keep in touch with their children.

On board you can pay with your room key, even on Castaway Cay  you can do that, so you don’t need cash. The interior is a mix from Art Deco or Nouveau from the forties and fifties with images from Disney movies from the last decades.  Disney characters are everywhere, but very subtle.


The provisions that catch the eye immediately are those for the children.  All ships have their own space for them.  There are places where they tell stories, climbing walls, computers, masquerades, video games, activities around science, cooking and creativity.  Teenagers have their own space designed as a studio loft with comfortables seats, posters on the wall, televisions, mp3 players and games designed for their age.  On Castaway Cay there also is a Teen Beach.

The restaurants are also unique for cruise ships.  For dinner there’s a rotation system for the 3 restaurants in a way that you dine in different restaurant each night (for 3 night cruise, for longer cruises you just start over) and your dining team goes with you.  Each has its own theme and activities.  More about this in the restaurants section of each ship, where you also find information about Palo, the buffet restaurants and the self services on deck.

Each ship has a couple of swimming pools.  One for the crew members, one for children under 14, some for families (so for everyone) and some only for adults.

Differences between Disney Magic and Disney Wonder

  • Names and interior of the restaurant: The restaurant on deck 3 on the Disney Magic is names Lumière’s, the one on the Wonder Triton’s. The buffet restaurants on deck 9 is named Topsider’s on the Disney Magic, Beach Blanket Buffet on Disney Wonder.
  • The Teen Clubs: Originally The Stack on the Disney Magic, Aloft on the Disney Wonder. Now it’s called Vibe on all 4 ships.
  • Night clubs: On the Disney Magic you find Beat Street with Sessions and Rockin’ Bar D, on the Disney Wonder you find Route 66 with Cadillac Lounge en WaveBands.
  • Exterior: On the bow of the Disney Magic you see Steamboat Willie with a painting Goofy on the rear of the ship. On the bow of the Disney Wonder you see Sorcerer Mickey with a painting Donald and his nephews on the rear. In de lobby of the Disney Magic there’s a statue of Mickey on the wheel, while on the Disney Wonder a statue of Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Difference with Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

On the outside the difference between Wonder/Magic on the one side and Dream/Fantasy on the other side is not that big.  The new ships are 2 decks higher and quite a bit longer. Besides that you have different characters on the bow and on the rear of course. The biggest difference will be the Aquaduck.  On the inside a lot has changed with a totally new nightclub area, new restaurants and tons of new technology. The horn of the Disney Magic and Wonder only plays When you wish upon a star, the horn of the new ships can play a lot of different songs.

Difference between Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

  • Animator’s Palate: On the Disney Dream there’s one dinner show, two different ones on the Disney Fantasy.
  • Night clubs: The area is called the District with Evolution, Pink, Skyline and 687 on the Disney Dream and Europa with the Tube, Ooh La La, La Piazza, O’Gills and Skyline on the Disney Fantasy.
  • Detective game: A new case was added on the Disney Fantasy with the Muppets.
  • Swimming pools: More adult pools were added on the Disney Fantasy and an extra splash area for kids, the Aqualab.

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