Other facilities

You have some smaller facilities returning on all ships. This is a small summary.

D Lounge
Don’t mix up D Lounge with the bar District Lounge. It’s on the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy and since the reimagining on the Disney Magic. This is the place for games and lectures. On the Disney Dream and Fantasy you can also split the lounge in two by a moving wall so you can for instance play bingo in the one half and have a character greet in the other.

D Lounge logo Dream/Fantasy D Lounge Dream/FantasyDisney Magic logo Disney Magic lounge

Guest Services
Guest services is open 24 hours and you can go there for anything. It’s like the reception of a hotel. You can go there with complaints about the room, for port adventures when the desk is not open, palo reservations, … Any question will be answered here or at least they try to find someone who can answer it.

Guest Services Disney Magic Guest Services Disney Dream

Port Adventures
This desk is the place to book, cancel or change your port adventures or just ask information about it. It’s not always open, only at fixed times per day. They also often send somebody of their crew with you on excursion to review it and to see how guests react on it.

Port Adventures Disney Magic Port Adventures Disney Dream

On different times of the day and places on board you can find photographers near a certain background, a place on the ship (like the statue in the lobby) or with characters. If you want, they take a picture of you. You give them your room key so they can link your pictures to your room number. Shutters is the place where you can view the pictures they took and buy them.

Shutters logo Disney Wonder Shutters logo op Disney Dream/Fantasy/Magic

There are different ways to view the pictures. On all ships they print a lot of the pictures in different sizes and sometimes with frames printed on it depending on the theme (e.g. pirates on pirate night). You can view these on the wall (depending on the length of the cruise they are replaced after some time or they just stay there all cruise long). You can also view your pictures on a screen. You just swipe your room key and your pictures appear on the screen. There’s an extra system on the Disney Dream, Fantasy and since the reimagining on the Disney Magic. There they have closets filled with folders with numbers on it. If you just hold your card against one of the sensors on one of the closets it shows the number of the folder where your pictures are in. This way you don’t have go through all pictures on the wall to find yours. Only on the Disney Fantasy you can find Shutters Digital. That’s a small corner with several screens where you can view your pictures when Shutter’s closed.

Shutters kasten Disney Dream/Fantasy Shutters fotomap

You can buy your pictures in different ways. The more you buy, the cheaper per piece. You can just buy one for a fixed price (in different sizes). You can also buy credits so you can buy e.g. 10 or 20 for a cheaper price. Every time you pick up a picture, you loose a credit. The good thing here is that when you run out of credits at the end of your cruise and you dont want to buy more, you can exchange pictures you already took for other ones. You can also buy all your pictures on one cd. The price of that cd differs depending on the length of your cruise.

Shutters Disney Wonder Shutters Disney Magic 

Studio Sea
Studio Sea is only on the Disney Wonder (since it was reimagined to D Lounge on the Disney Magic) and actually is a bar only open for special events. Karaoke is there for instance (if it’s not in Phatoms or Wavebands) and also some games like Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer. Furthermore you have character dances parties there in the evening and a lot of activities from the Art of Entertainment series (like cooking lessons, only for adults).

Studio Sea Disney Wonder Studio Sea Disney Magic

Vista Gallery (Art gallery)
On all ships they sell art. Most paintings, but also small statues. There are auctions where these are sold, most of them are fixed price.

Art Gallery Disney Magic/Wonder Art Gallery Disney Magic/Wonder

On the Disney Magic and Wonder the paintings are on display in the corridor between the lobby and Shutters (along Studio Sea or D Lounge).  On the Disney Dream and Fantasy there is separate gallery on deck 4, the Vista Gallery.

Vista Gallery Vista Gallery

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