Swimming pools

On board the Disney Dream you can find different pools.  3 big ones on deck 11 accessible for everyone, a pool for cast members and some jacuzzis in the teen club.  Besides that there’s water fun for children and a watercoaster.  You can also find some jacuzzis on deck 11.

Mickey’s Pool

Mickey’s Pool is the pool for the little ones. Different than on the Magic and Wonder you can find this pool midship next to Donald’s pool.  There’s also a slide.

Donald’s Pool

You can find Donald’s Pool next to Mickey’s Pool.  It’s targeted for families and you’ll mostly find the teenagers here.

Quiet Cove

This is the adult only pool.  It’s a relax pool with a bar right in it.


The first water coaster at sea!  You line up in one of the smokestacks to jump in an inner tube and float around the whole deck.  You are pressed forward several times and you have a beautiful sight of the ocean and the ship.  You can leave your stuff at the entrance to pick it up when you exit.

Nemo’s Reef

This is a playing area for small children totally themed after Finding Nemo and next to Mickey’s Pool.

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