Bars on Disney Magic and Wonder

Cove Café

Cove Café is on deck 9 near the adult pool and so is adult only.  Get into your comfort zone with Danish pastries, coffee and expresso, but also a Bloody Mary and different kinds of cognac are on the menu here.  You have to pay extra for all of this and so it’s not included in the ship’s fare.  You can also borrow books and magazines here, surf on the internet and watch news and sports on the big plasma tv.

On board the Disney Wonder Cove Café is refurbished in 2011.  They wanted to add a view for the Alaska cruises so they added a second story with stairs you can see through the windows of the Quiet Cove.


Diversions actually is a pub with different screens to watch sports games on ESPN.  You can be far away from land, but you don’t miss anything from your favourite sports games.  You can also play board games there like chess and backgammon in a quiet atmosphere.  Diversion was replaced by O’Gills on the Disney Magic after the ‘reimagining’.

You don’t have to drink something here, but everything you drink you have to pay extra for (so it’s not included in your cruise fare).  A coke costs you about $3.  Diversions is also used for workshops or presentations of the Disney Vaction Club during the day.

Frozone Treats

A bar on the Disney Magic between the kids and family pool serving beer, cocktails and smoothies.

Frozone Treats Frozone Treats


O’Gills Pub is an Irish pub for adults only.  The dark wood and other accents result in an authentic atmosphere for a pub like this.  It’s filled with big flatscreen tvs where you can watch all sorts of sports games.  During the day it’s also used as a venue for trivia and so on for the whole family.


Outlook Bar

Outlook bar

Outlook Bar is on the top deck, with view on the Quiet Cove, the adult only swimming pool.  You can enjoy a beer, a glass of wine, a martini or a classic or exotic cocktail here.  Most of all you can enjoy the magnificent view on the entire ocean.


Preludes is only open when there’s a performance in the Walt Disney Theatre.  The bar is right before you enter the theater.  You can buy soft drinks, beer, coctails and small snacks like chips and chocolate here to eat or drink during the performance.

Promenade Lounge

If you want to relax for a while, you’re at the right spot at the Promenade Lounge.  On the one side you have the quiet atmosphere of a real lounge bar, where you can enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine, beer or cognac.  On the stage in the middle of the bar on the other side some artists perform at night so you can dance along if you want. You can choose for a comfy chair in the bar, a table with ocean view near one of the big portholes or a stool at the bar.  At different places in the bar you find screens where you can watch tv programs.  You can see that are some style differences between the Promenade Lounge on the Disney Wonder and the Disney Magic.

Next to the lounge you can find the internet cafe for who wants to greet the people at home of just want to check some email.


If you want to dance, you’re at the right spot in Fathoms.  The bar has the shape of half a circle.  The stage is the centre with a dancefloor around it and around that again you have comfy seats and tables to rest and have a drink. Also cabaret has its place in Rocking Bar D with comedians and other entertainers.

The bands performing here differ per cruise, just like the styles differ.  You can find a disco party there, but also an 80s party.  Early at night the whole family dances along, but the DJ spins the hits until the early hours for adults only.


You don’t have to drink something here, but you have to pay extra for what you order.  A coke will cost you $3.  During the day Fathoms is also used for other things like bingo, trivia and workshops.

Keys / Cadillac Lounge


Keys (formerly Sessions) and the Cadillac Lounge are lounge bars, respectively on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, for adults only.  You can relax in the comfy armchairs and sofas.  During the day you can choose your own music on the jukeboxes, at night you can enjoy intimate piano music, most of the time with a jazzy influence.

Cadillac Lounge


Signals is near the Quiet Cove, the adult only swimming pool.  It’s very suited to relax after a refreshing swim, to enjoy the music or just to socialize a bit with a nice drink in your hand.  You can choose for a soft drink, a beer or a cocktail with names as Yellow Bird, Navigator, Sea Quest, Life Raft and Man Overboard.

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