Restaurants on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder


Animator’s Palate (Disney Wonder)

This restaurant is completely dedicated to the magic of animation. When you start your dinner the restaurant is totally black and white and step by step everything’s coloured, with a climax at the end.

You can see drawings on the wall that just colour, but also screen where extracts from Disney animated movies are shown. Just like the whole restaurants those are in black and white first, in colour later on.

Also the clothing from the servers changes once the restaurant’s totally coloured, same thing with the music in the restaurant. The music changes every time an other painting from a certain animated movie lights up.

This version also was on board the Disney Magic, but it was updated during the ‘reimagining’.

Animator’s Palate (Disney Magic)

Animator's Palate Disney Magic Animator's Palate Disney Magic

On board the Disney Magic Animator’s Palate got an upgrade during the ‘reimagining’.  The current show dinner stayed the same, but it got a visual upgrade with new screens, nicer light effects and new movies.

Animator's Palate Disney Magic Animator's Palate Disney Magic

This version also got a second dinner show, the Animation Magic show, like on Disney Fantasy.  It’s something unique where you can draw your own character.  You create that drawing right before dinner.  All those drawings are picked up and scanned.  Later that night you’ll see all those drawings on the big screens dancing on the music that plays.  You get your drawing back afterwards with a nice stamp on it.

Animator's Palate Disney Magic Animator's Palate Disney Magic

Beach Blanket Buffet

Beach Blanket Buffet is one of the Disney Wonder exclusive restaurants. As the name already says, this is a buffet restaurant, equivalent to Topsider’s on the Disney Magic. You can enjoy a varied breakfast and lunch here every day. You can find pancakes, waffles, danish (in the morning), eggs, bacon, different kinds of meat and potatoes, fruit, dessert, cornflakes, soda, coffee, … For dinner Beach Blanket is a à la carte casual dining restaurant. It’s a limited menu without any restriction on clothing so this restaurant is perfect if you don’t want to wear formal in the restaurant you should be that night or just want to eat at another time.

This restaurant is themed like a beach. It also has a terrace which is very pleasant in the morning where you can have breakfast with a view on the port of call on that day.


Cabanas is the replacement for Topsider’s on the Disney Magic after the ‘reimagining’.  It is an indoor / outdoor casual dining restaurant on deck 9, Aft, which serves different types of food. For breakfast and lunch Cabanas serves the best made to order dining; around dinner Cabanas is converted to an elegant table service restaurant as alternative for dining in one of the main dining rooms like Lumière’s or Animator’s Palate.

Cabanas Magic

In a California beach theme, Cabanas gives the feeling of a promenade along the Pacific coast with a bit of Disney magic. The restaurant has a charming look, tables like shells and Adirondack chairs, palm trees en sunshades, decorative surfboards and flyers, and floors who look like an ocean blue carpet caused by the wooden paneling and sand.

Cabanas Magic Cabanas Magic

Dining in Cabanas is unique dining experience.  During breakfast and lunch guests are invited to stroll along the promenade, which hosts different stations with each different types of food, each designed to look as a cabana with colorful sunshades.  Like a high end food court all stations serve everything from sushi and pasta to great desserts. During dinner Cabanas is converted to a table service restaurant where the main courses are prepared in the open kitchen after your order.


Cariocas Cariocas

Carioca’s is a Disney Magic exclusive restaurant located on Deck 3, Aft. Named after Donald Duck’s amigo in Disney’s The Three Caballeros, Carioca’s serves contemporary classic fare for breakfast and lunch, and South American specialties for dinner.  It replaced Parrot Cay after the ‘reimagining’ of the Disney Magic.


Dining at Carioca’s is always a celebration! Boasting a Brazilian theme of hanging festival lanterns and marketplace baskets, wavy floor patterns that recall the breezy beach sidewalks of Copacabana, and colorful facades reminiscent of South American architecture, Carioca’s is designed to be festive during the day and—through the use of lighting and a nighttime panorama of Rio de Janeiro—elegant in the evening. Adding to the charm, a mural depicting the Three Caballeros—Donald Duck, Jos? Carioca and Panchito—can be seen on the main wall.


Lumières is exclusive for the Disney Magic and is the first you get to see when you enter the ship via the lobby. It serves a continental menu with a French touch in an Art Deco theme. The restaurant is named after the candle Lumière from the movie Beauty and the Beast (who come and say hi during dinner). Also the drawings on the wall together with the rose near the entrance remind you of the movie…

Behind Palo this is the most stylish restaurant, the most suited for a formal night. On one night of the cruise you can also find the gala dessert buffet here.


This restaurant is adult only. It has a very intimate atmosphere and is mostly suited for a romantic dinner or if you just want to enjoy an exclusive dinner. You have great view over the ocean here. Palo is decorated with Venetian masks after the Northern Italian menu they serve. Formal wear is mandatory for dinner.

You have to pay $20 extra if you want to dine here instead of in your assigned restaurant of that day. On the 7 night cruises you can also enjoy a champagne brunch here. That’s partly buffet, partly à la carte. Also for this you have to pay $20. If you are a Platinum Castaway Club member, you can dine once for free per cruise at Palo.

Parrot Cay

Jump in the Caribbean atmosphere in Parrot Cay.  After the ‘reimagining’ of the Disney Magic when Parrot Cay was replaced by Carioca’s, this became a Disney Wonder exclusive restaurant.  You are surrounded by different colours, bamboo and a pattern of green leaves.  The room is filled with happy music and the real holiday feeling of the islands.

Parrot Cay also is an existing, very small island in the Turkish and Caicos Islands.  This is mostly dominated by a gigantic hotel beach resort, where a lot of stars like Bruce Willis and Michael J. Fox stayed. It was first called Pirate Cay, but later changed to Parrot Cay to avoid to scare the visitors.


Triton is Disney Wonder exclusive and the first you get to see if you enter the ship via the lobby.  The restaurant is named after Triton, Ariel’s father from the movie the Little Mermaid.  On the walls you can see mosaics with characters from the movie.  You can also enjoy the gala dessert buffet here.

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