Disney Dreams

Disney Dreams won the award for the best show in cruise industry, so it’s a very popular show.  The story starts with a girl, Anne Marie, who is brought to bed by her mother, but she’s not really into sleeping.  Suddenly she’s visited by the Blue Fairy and Peter Pan.  Together they jump into a night of adventure with “Genies, princesses and Kings”.  Anne Marie has to believe in here dreams before sunrise before she can fly like Peter Pan…

Disney Dreams The show contains scenes from Aladdin, Little Mermaid, the Lion King and Cinderella.  The singing part ends with ‘Circle of Life’ form the Lion King.  This is a kind of gospel version of the song and contains some very strong solos.  The whole theater is filled by singers then.

Disney Dreams is also filled with technical highlights, mostly in all the stage changes.  The phrase “An enchanted classic” was added to the title after some extras were added like Timon and Pumbaa debuting on Disney Cruise Line, snow falling during the Beauty and the Beast song, new and better pyrotechnics for Cinderallas transformation and Tinkerbell now flying over the audience leaving pixie dust behind.

The show’s always performed as the peak of all shows on the evening before the last night.  The last night there’s a farewell show and a lot of people are already packing and preparing the next day.  Disney Cruise Line wants that everyone can enjoy the show like it has to be. “Believe in your dreams with Faith, Thrust and Pixie Dust!”

You can find more pictures of the show here.

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