Remember The Magic – A Final Farewell

Remember the Magic is in fact the show nobody wants to see.  Not becaused it’s bad, but just because this is the show performed on the last night of the cruise.  It has the same protagonist as the Welcome Aboard show: Jaimy.  Only now he has to pack, but he’s still dreaming to be the captain.

Who says dreams, says Disney Dreams.  Part of this award winning show returns in this show just like every performer (juglers, comedians, …) with a last mini performance if they’re still on board.  The show ends with a greet from all members of the cast performing on stage in the previous shows together with all possible characters after when everyone did the famous moves saying the phrase “Faith, Thrust and Pixie Dust”. We’ll remember you… You can see more pictures of the Farewell show here.

After the Farewell show there always is ‘Til We Meet Again in the lobby followed by Pub Night. During ‘Til we meet again all characters and a bunch of performers come to the lobby in their costumes they were wearing on stage so you can take pictures with them.  Also the cruise staff is here.  ‘Til We Meet Again ends with a song from all characters and performers led by Captain Mickey afther which it starts raining Mickey confetti.  You can find more pictures of Till We Meet Again here.

Afterwards there’s Pub Night for adults only where the cruise staff gives the best of themself for a last time.  Ideal to say goodbye to everyone.

1 tip: try to pack in the afternoon already so you don’t miss anything from the entertainment in the evening or you should pack during the night, but your suitcases should be in the corridor before 11 pm…

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