Welcome Aboard! Variety Show

This is the first show you get to see.  The show tells the story of a boy, Jaimy, who’s cruising with his parents and actually has one big dream: becoming the captain of a ship like this.  He tells this to the cruise director, the captain and Mickey.  They tell him that has to have fun this cruise and he has to believe in it (Disney’s Believe in your Dreams).

Between the different scenes the cruise director lists everything that will happen for entertainment the upcoming cruise.  The artists that will perform in Rockin’ Bar D or in the Walt Disney Theatre itself already give a mini show (a teaser) to make you curious for their full performance one of the next days.  The cruise director also informs you about all possible entertainment and possibilities for dining, what to do at the ports of call and about the activities and care for children. You can find more pictures of the Welcome Aboard show here.

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