When Mickey Dreams

When Mickey Dreams is something totally different compared to all other Disney shows.  You can describe it best as a Cirque du Soleil show with Disney characters added.  You’ll recognize a lot of music from other shows and parades like the music from the Tapestry of Dreams in Epcot.  This show was only performed on the Mediterranean cruises in 2007.

The show starts with Mickey going to bed and from that moment on you become a Dreamseeker.  You jump in Mickey’s dream first by the music, then by a number of acrobats dressed in white.  At certain moments the whole theater is filled by those acrobats in white who come collect children’s dreams written on a piece of paper.

Evil has to be there too of course and Maleficent appears on stage with her own acrobats and dancers.  Good beats evil as usual and Mickey wakes up at the end from a wonderful dream…

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