Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is Disney’s own private island in the Bahamas. The island is only accessible for passengers of one of the Disney ships.  There’s nobody on the island when there’s no Disney ship docked except the concierge and some people which are personnel for the post office and a souvenir shop with souvenirs from the Bahamas.

You always arrive very early at Castaway Cay, but you can’t go off the ship immediately.  A very big part of the crew members has to populate the island.  They serve in the dining spots, the shops and beaches.  This asks some preparation, so they need to be ahead.

Being bored at Castaway Cay is impossible.  There are tons of attractions, entertainment and food.  Underneath you find a map of the island (click on it for a bigger version).  Further on on the page everything is explained in detail.

You start the day on Arrival Plaza. Here you receive a towel (from a crew member or a Disney character).  You can walk from here past the post office (where you can send a postcard home with a unique stamp from Castaway Cay) and Marge’s Barges & Sea Charters Dock to the first tram stop.  You can explore the island on foot or take the tram which has 4 stops and rides back and forth constantly.


At Castaway Cay you have a bit the same situation for the beaches as you have on board for the swimming pools.  There are 5 beaches.  You have Sports Beach (where you e.g. can play volleyball and soccer), Boat Beach (where you can rent watercrafts and banana boats), Castaway Family Beach (as the name says: for the whole family), Teen Beach (for teens only) and Serenity Bay Beach (the Quiet Cove variant: adults only). The last one lies on the total other end of the island, you don’t here anything of what happens at the other beaches.

Food and drinks

For food Castaway Cay is totally into barbecue.  At Cookies & Cookies Too BBQ (the last one is added after the arrival of the bigger Disney Dream and Fantasy) you can queue in 3 different lines for several barbecue specialties like chicken, sausage, hamburgers, cobs, … There are also cold vegetables and sauces and dessert as well (cookies and soft ice) and drink (soda fountains spread over the square in front of Cookies BBQ). It’s selfservice, but you’re served by the servers of the ship.  There are also some bars (at Family Beach and Serenity Bay Beach) and a fruit stand.


There are 2 small shops at Castaway Cay. On the one hand you have ‘She Sells Sea Shells and everything else’ where you can buy beachwear and toys and Castaway Cay logo souvenirs. A part of those souvenirs you can only buy on the island itself, not on the ship.  On the other hand you also have Bahamian Retail, where you can buy small souvenirs like T-shirts, handicrafts and figures of the Bahamas.


Just like you can drop your kids at the Oceaneer’s Lab of Club, they also have their own area at Castaway Cay. At Scuttle’s Cove the kids can play under surveillance of the counselors.  They can dig for big fossiles at the Whale Dig Site. For the older children you have teen beach, sports beach, Castaway Joe’s/Grouper Pavillion (a space with games as tabletennis and billiards) and the Swimming Lagoon with a playground in the water.

Characters & Entertainment

You can find characters at different spots on the island.  If you disembark or walk back to the ship you will meet some, at the post office, Mount Rushmore and in front of the former spot of the Flying Dutchman. At that last spot you can find Captain Jack Sparrow, at other place you’ll meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Max, Stitch, … There are also performances at the gazebo of the bands and DJ you can also watch on board.

Together with the additions after the arrival of the Disney Dream and Fantasy like a second Cookies and a bigger beach, is also Pelican Plunge added. A little island on poles with 2 slides and some waterfun.  You can only swim to it.


At Castaway Cay there are also several activities which you can join for a fee.  You can also rent things.  Prices mentioned are from 2008.

  • Rent snorkle gear ($25 adult, $10 child)
  • Rent an inner tube ($6)
  • Rent a bike ($6/hour)
  • Castaway Rays: After some educational facts about stingrays, you can swim in a lake with them and feed them ($35 adult, $29 child)
  • Banana boat ride: pulled by a speedboat ($15)
  • Glass bottom boat trip ($35 adult, $25 child, 1 hour)
  • Fishing: on board of a boat for 8 people for between 3 hours and 3 hours and a half ($117)
  • Seahorse catamaran snorkling adventure: board a catamaran bringing you to a spot where you can snorkle for 2 hours ($52 adult, $36 child)
  • Individual watercraft eco-tour: set sail with your own boat for 45 minutes ($95)
  • Duo-watercraft eco-tour: set sail with your own boat for 45 minutes for 2 people ($160)
  • Boat rental: you can rent rowing boats, kayaks and other boats per half hour with prices between $8 and $18 depending on the type and the number of people able to board
  • Parasailing ($75 for 5 to 7 minutes at the highest point)

You can also buy some packages:

  • Castaway Cay Getaway Package: combination of snorkling, swimming, inner tube and a bike rental ($32 adult, $16 child)
  • Extreme Getaway Package: combination of inner tube and a bike rental, snorkling and swimming with the stingrays for an hour ($54 adult, $39 child)
  • The Wild Side: 4 hour adventure for teenagers with snorkling, kayaking and biking($35)
  • Hike en kayak adventure: a 45 minute hike with a guide telling you about the history of the Bahamas followed by a kayak trip of an hour ($64)

You can find more pictures here.

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