Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is the biggest of the three Cayman islands.¬† The eastern part of the island is less developed than the western part where you can find Georgetown, the capital, and the Owen Roberts International Airport. Fastfood restaurants, nightclubs and resort are on this side, on the other side you find more fancy restaurants. Between September 11 and 12 2004 Grand Cayman was hit by hurrican Ivan. There weren’t a lot of victims, but 80% of the buildings on Grand Cayman were (heavily) damaged.

Things to see and do

  • Atlantis Submarine Expedition
  • Boatswain’s Adventure Marine Park
  • Butterfly farm
  • Cayman Wall
  • Diving
  • Georgetown
  • Grand Cayman Golf
  • Hell rocks
  • Nautilus Undersea Tour
  • Pirate Encounter
  • Rum Point Beach
  • Sandy Cay
  • Seaworld Explorer Semi-Submarine
  • Seven Mile Beach
  • Smith’s Cove
  • Snorkling


A selection of the stores Disney Cruise Line recommends:

  • Diamonds International
  • Tanzanite International
  • Bernard K. Passman: black coral
  • Effy Jewelers
  • Del Sol: Everything (T-shirts, mugs, sunglasses, …) gets its colour in the sun
  • Tortuga Duty-Free Liquors
  • Colombian Emeralds International
  • The Jewelry Center
  • Kirk Freeport on Cardinall Avenue: watches, juwelry, pens and diamonds.
  • Cartier Boutique: juwelry, watches and accessories.
  • Kirk Freeport on Fort Street: juwelry, watches and a selection of last pieces.
  • Swatch Boutique
  • Far Away Places: Irish lines, table cloths, pillow cases, …
  • Waterford/Wedgwood Boutique
  • Fossil Boutique: leather handbags, wallets, backpacks, belts, …
  • La Parfumerie I & II
  • Kirk Leather
  • Jewel Trendz
  • Kirk Freeport at Bayshore Mall: watches, juwelry and crystal.
  • La Parfumerie at Bayshore Mall
  • Lalique Boutique
  • Lladro Boutique
  • Home Store: desginer home decor.
  • Island Jewellers
  • Diamonds Direct
  • Churchill’s Cigars
  • Tropical Trader: souvenirs¬†and Caribbean music
  • Swarovski Boutique
  • Ammolite By The Bay
  • London Jewellers Factory Store
  • Grand Cayman Jewellers
  • The Cayman Treasure Coins Company Jewelry
  • The Moissanite Gallery
  • Sunglass Gallery
  • House of Tanzanite
  • Landmark Jewellers
  • De Sunglass Man
  • British Outpost
  • The Last Tender Jewellery Outlet
  • Hot Tropics: Cayman souvenirs
  • Duty Free Ltd. On The Waterfront
  • Treasures Of The Deep

You can find more pictures here.

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