Cozumel is an island in the Caribbean Sea, in front of the coast of Mexico. It’s a popular tourist destination and known for its scuba diving.  It’s also a popular destination for cruise ships. The island Cozumel actually is the municipality of Cozumel, one of the eight municipalities of the state of Quintana Roo. With a length of 48 kilometers, a width of 16 kilometers and about 760 km² big, Cozumel is Mexico’s biggest island.  There live about 60000 people. They found Olmec artefacts on Cozumel and also the Mayans have lived there. For Mayans it was a holy island devoted to the godess Ixchel. The called the island Ah Cuzumil Peten, place of the shallow.  The biggest Mayan ruins are tearn down to make space for an airport.  Jerónimo de Aguilar and Gonzalo Guerrero were the first Europeans to reach Cozumel (shipwrecked). Juan de Grijalva discovered the island in 1518 and Hernán Cortés landed there a year later. Originally 40,000 Mayans lived there, but at the end of the 16th century the island was almost desert, caused by smallpox epidemic. The new few centuries the island was almost uninhabited, serving as a base for pirates though.  During the war a lot of people fled to Cozumel and since then the island is habited again.


Things to see and do.

  • Adventure Park
  • Aqua Beach
  • Atlantis Submarine Expedition
  • Barracuda Beach
  • Canotes grotto
  • Chac Tun grotto
  • Chankanaab National Park
  • Chikinha
  • Cozumel Country Golf Club
  • Discover Mexico Park
  • Dune Buggy
  • Dzul Ha Riff
  • El Cedral
  • El Mirador
  • Horseback Ride
  • Jeep Exploration
  • Marine museum
  • Oceanview Explorer Tour
  • Paraiso Bajo Riff
  • Paraiso Profundo Riff
  • Pearl Farm
  • Playa Del Carmen
  • Playa Mia Beach
  • Punta Sur Ecological Park
  • Punta Sur lighthouse
  • San Gervasio Ruins
  • Scuba diving
  • Sea Doo Scooters ride
  • Snuba
  • Speed Boat
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Temple of the Hands
  • Tulum Ruins
  • Underwater Scooter
  • Uvas Beach
  • Xcaret Eco Archeological Park


  • Diamonds International
  • Tanzanite International
  • Cariloha: all type of products (t-shirts, sunglasses, watches, handbags, …) made of bamboo
  • Del Sol: everything you buy here is in black and white, but colors in the sun
  • Effy Jewelers
  • Colombian Emeralds International
  • Goodmark Gallery
  • Diamond International Watch & Design
  • Gallery Istanbul: handmade tapestry from Turkey, Persia, Nepal, China and India
  • Touch of Gold
  • World of Jewels
  • Tanya Moss
  • Silver Emporium
  • Los Cinco Soles: art and silverware
  • Viva Mexico: typical Mexican souvenirs
  • Ron Jon Surf Shop
  • Rachat & Romero

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