Gala dessert buffet

On the 7 night or longer cruises on board the Disney Magic and Wonder you used to be able to enjoy a gala dessert buffet.  This was usually on the Captain’s Gala night, which should be the night before the last one.  This also was a semi formal night.  In the restaurant you have a more special menu (with lobster for instance).

The buffet was in Lumières (Disney Magic) or Triton’s (Disney Wonder) around 11 pm.  There has never been a gala dessert buffet on the new ships.  After the second dinner seating everything’s made ready by the servers.  In the long corridor near the main entrance there’s a long table filled with sweet things like cakes.  At the end you can find fruit, marzipan, nougat, … for in the chocolate fountain.  Everything’s beautifully decorated too.

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