Disney won’t be Disney if there was no special entertainment for children.  In the section with entertainment for families you can already find a lot where they can have fun with, but there’s also some kids exclusive entertainment.  Even more, they have their own spaces split up by age with a lot of youth counselers who watch after them.

For the smallest ones there the nursery (It’s a Small World on Disney Fantasy and Dream, Flounder’s Reef on Disney Magic and Wonder), where you can drop off children between 0 and 3 years old.  For children between 3 and 12 there’s the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab. Filled with interactive games, playgardens, video games, tvs, …
For the 11 to 14 years old (‘tweens’) there’s Edge with somewhat the same ingredients as the Oceaneer Club and Lab, but for kids a little bit older.  For the teenagers (14 to 17) there’s Vibe. There they can also play video games and watch tv, but more in a lounge style with nice seats.  You can also find different kinds of music players there.  It’s a meeting spot for teenagers what the nightlife spots are for the adults.  On the Disney Fantasy and Dream they even have their own swimming pool and jacuzzi.

All those spaces are open from about 9 am until midnight (Vibe even later).  This means you can drop off your children in the morning if you want and pick them up again before you go to sleep.  In Vibe and Edge kids can go in and out when they want, you need to pick them up from the other 3.
At the start of the cruise you can register your kids for the youth program.  They receive a bracelet they have to wear the whole cruise.  The youth counselors use the bracelet to know where each child is and to call you when the kids want you to pick them up.  This happens by wave phone (and not by an extra to carry beeper like before).

The youth program also reaches beyond the ships.  There are special activities for the kids only in the ports of call too.  The parents can enroll their kids for that just like they book an excursion for themselves.  Then the kids go out on their own accompanied by some youth counselors, without the parents.  This can be mixed too, when parents and children go out together, but some youth counselors join for some activities for the kids only.  For instance in a pottery children can create their own pot while the parents follow a guided tour.

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